An Outdoor Arizona Wedding: Rain can be a bride’s biggest fear!

Planning An Outdoor Arizona Wedding

Rain can be a bride’s biggest fear!

Wedding Planner in Arizona

Are you planning an outdoor Arizona wedding? As an Arizona Wedding Planner, we rarely have to worry about rain. We live in a desert for heavens sake! 😉 But rain can be a bride’s biggest fear and every good planner knows that you should always have a backup plan…just in case!

As all wedding planners have experienced, “things happen” at live events. And it’s our job to ensure that we find alternative options, gracefully, and with minimal interruption to the guest experience.

But, “what if”? As seasoned outdoor Arizona wedding planners, we have experienced many last minute challenges, like the unexpected rain showers at our wedding yesterday. No fear here?!

Jumping into action, we first checked with the bride to be sure she was calm : ) After all, every top wedding planner knows that rain on your wedding day is good luck, right?

Rain is thought to be lucky in many cultures as it signifies cleansing, unity and renewal. In the Hindu tradition rain is believed to foretell a strong marriage. This is because a wet knot is harder to untie; we sometimes refer to getting married as ‘tying the knot’.

Regardless of what you believe, a top planner knows how to take the worst of situations and create the best possible outcome. Hint: here is where hiring an experienced wedding planner is worth its weigh in gold!

We assist our couples so they hire professional vendors who are flexible and work together in challenging situations. That means that everyone pitches in to do whatever it takes to make the guest experience the best it can possibly be!

Last night was no exception at our outdoor Arizona wedding…from the florist helping to place glassware on the table in between the rain showers, to the baker moving the dessert table indoors, the bartenders helping to move the buffet to the covered patio, and the caterers holding dinner for a break in the weather…the photographers pitched in as well as we dried chairs, moved speakers…the list goes on!

At the end of the day, we were thrilled that everyone had a great time! Our bride married the love of her life and her father was beaming at the end of the night, praising our entire team! Yes, our entire team, who as we know, help us to shine even on rainy days!

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